Frequently Asked Questions

YOmoney allows you to send funds to other YOmoney members instantly.

To send funds to another YOmoney account:

  1. Make sure to add recipient’s YOmoney -registered email address to your contact list.
  2. On your App, click the ‘Send’ button select ‘Send Funds’ then choose ‘Send to Contact’.
  3. On your App, click the ‘Send’ button then choose ‘to Contact’s Account’.
  4. Enter amount you would like to send. Corresponding fee will be reflected.
  5. Use the optional message box to type in any note.
  6. Click ‘Send’.
  7. Click ‘Confirm’ to process transaction.

We charge a 2% fee (minimum of PHP10) per transaction for YOmoney to YOmoney transfers.

For YOmoney to YOmoney transfers, you can send up to PHP20,000 per transaction. Should you wish to increase your daily cash out limit, please make a special request by emailing [email protected].