Merchant Terms and Conditions


This conformed serves as a deal between YOmoney and the MERCHANT for the agreement covering the commercial terms below for a period of 1 year minimum.


MERCHANT authorizes YOmoney to include the MERCHANT ‘s name, and YOmoney Allows the MERCHANT to use (YOmoney) in any directory or promotional materials produced in connection with any form of Promotion and Marketing.


YOmoney shall provide the Scan to Pay Service, and issue, install, and/or deploy the YOmoney Scan to Pay Tools free of charge. In exchange, no fee or expense shall be charged to YOmoney for the space used or occupied by the YOmoney Scan to Pay Tools.


MERCHANT shall use the Scan to Pay Service and Tools only for the intended purposes. The Scan to Pay Service shall at all times be made available to the public. And YOmoney will provide and execute all YOmoney account Creations and Verification thru the mobile App.


The MERCHANT hereby agrees to participate in loyalty/promotional programs which may be developed and implemented by YOmoney, without added advertising cost to the MERCHANT except for the Discount or Rebate given and decided my Merchant for promotional purposes and small transaction Fee. The MERCHANT may however implement its own loyalty/promotional program at its own cost and expense. YOmoney shall not be liable in case of failure of MERCHANT to fulfill MERCHANT’S obligations under its own loyalty/promotional program and hold YOmoney free from any liability and claims from its customers/clients and any third party.


Information of or relating to users gathered through or on the Scan to Pay Service (including, without limitation, any information considered “personal information” or “sensitive personal information” under the Data Privacy Act of 2012) shall be the exclusive property of YOmoney and will be dealt with in accordance with YOmoney’s privacy and security policies, as well as the relevant law and regulations. Under no circumstance shall YOmoney volunteer, disclose, or share to MERCHANT any personal information or sensitive personal information pertaining to YOmoney users, and in no event shall YOmoney process such personal information or sensitive personal information on behalf of MERCHANT. MERCHANT shall exert its own efforts in obtaining any necessary personal information or sensitive personal information from customers who are YOmoney users.

  1. YOmoney serves the right to terminate this Agreement without prior notice to the MERCHANT and without giving the reason, in case the MERCHANT, as solely determined by YOmoney, has committed acts prejudicial to the interest of YOmoney or if any of the terms and conditions contained herein is violated, but not limited to, fraud, counterfeit Transactions, encashment, selling or providing services that are not declared or considered to be illegal.

  2. In the event that the MERCHANT shall decide to discontinue its business, YOmoney shall be given at least sixty (60) days prior written notice. In the event of termination, the MERCHANT shall present all completed transactions to YOmoney’s representative at the time of termination.

  3. In the event of termination, the MERCHANT shall return to YOmoney all materials including but not limited to and all other related devices and Merchant Payment File and promotional materials and shall remove all decals and signs from the premises immediately.

  4. This Agreement shall remain in force upon signing hereof and terminated by either party for any reason provided notice in writing shall be sent to other party sixty (60) days prior to the effectivity of such termination.